City of Fremont KENO Match Grant

City of Fremont KENO Match Grant Guidelines

General Information

Fremont Nebraska Pathfinders

The Keno Match grant has been established to support the betterment of Fremont, Nebraska. Applicant programs or services must be open to all Fremont residents. All requests must demonstrate a strong need and positive impact on current and future residents.

Keno Match grants for the 2016/2017 fiscal year must be used for capital projects and/or equipment that will address a community need.

The second phase of applications will be accepted from December 2 to April 1. All grant awards shall be dependent upon availability of appropriation. All grant applications require demonstration of a 50% match.

Who Is Eligible to Apply

For the 2016/2017 fiscal year for the Keno Match grants available, it is the desire of the City Council that the grants shall be used for capital projects and/or equipment.

The following list of organizations have demonstrated a commitment to assisting the City and the general public in their purposes and were chosen to be eligible for the 2016/2017 fiscal year Keno Match grant based upon their history.

Any of these organizations may submit a grant application for a capital project/equipment which would assist the City and citizens of Fremont.

The maximum grant amount that may be awarded this fiscal year is Ten Thousand ($10,000.00) per applicant.

The list of eligible organizations shall be:

  1. Friends of the Fremont Area Parks
  2. Friends of the Library
  3. MainStreet of Fremont
  4. Downtown Improvement District
  5. Fremont Friendship Center
  6. Friends of Ridge Cemetery
  7. Keep Fremont Beautiful
  8. John C. Fremont Days
  9. Barnard Park Historical Society
  10. Dodge County REACT
  11. Avenue of Flags
  12. Dodge County Humane Society

For fiscal year 2016/2017 and beyond the named organizations shall remain eligible for Keno Match grant for capital projects/equipment as stated previously if appropriation is budgeted for this purpose by the City Council. If you would like to fill out the grant application form electronically, please download the form from the link below.


Keno Challenge Project

The City wishes to encourage innovative solutions to current identified community challenges. The organizations identified above and other 501(c)(3) organizations may submit applications to address identified priority areas in which Keno Challenge Project grants may be awarded. Organizations shall apply by April 1, identifying innovative ways in which they would address these challenges to benefit the City of Fremont. A Keno Challenge Project grant may be awarded to organizations that best meet the objectives of this program and have identified other potential funding sources to support their proposal.

A Keno Challenge Project grant will be a 50/50 match with the City to further carry out a more extensive capital project/equipment improvement than the Keno Match grant allows.

Reporting Requirements

All recipients are required to submit a final report no later than 30 days following the end date noted on the application. Applicants must recognize the City of Fremont Keno Match Program on appropriate materials related to the project and organization.

How to Apply

Grant applications are available on-line and can be downloaded from this website or at You may also contact the City Administrator’s Office, City Hall, 400 East Military Avenue, Fremont NE 68025, 402-727-2630. Deadlines are listed on the application. If you would like to fill out the grant application form electronically, please download the form from the link below.