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2017-2018 Youth Philanthropy Contest Winners



Grades K-4 Winner
"Feed Fremont Families" - Lauren Owsley and Friends

Lauren Owsley is making meals for Fremont families to cook in their own kitchens! Lauren, with the help of her friends, is preparing these meals for families and children in need, and the meals will help give families quality time to spend together, healthier eating habits, and cooking skills that will last a lifetime! Click this link for the kids' project video:

To read more, click the following link to see the Fremont Tribune's article on the "Feed Fremont Families" project.


Grades 5-8 Winner
"Youth and Elderly Enrichment Project" - Nathan Kudrna

Nathan is gathering kids from his school and his football team to go on weekly visits with the community's elderly. The kids and the elderly will participate in various activities focused on helping to make the seniors active and involved!

To read more about Nathan's plan, click the following link to see the Fremont Tribune's article on the "Youth and Elderly Enrichment Project".

Jessica Janssen Youth Philanthropy Award Winner
"Comfort Bags for Kids at the Bridge" - Confirmation Class of Elim Lutheran & St. Paul's Lutheran Churches (Hooper)

Confirmation class members at Elim Lutheran and St. Paul's Lutheran Churches in Hooper are making comfort bags for each child at the Bridge. The comfort bags include a fleece tie blanket, a t-shirt blanket, a book, personal care items, and a plush animal, all in a large draw-string canvas backpack!

Learn more about the comfort bags in the Fremont Tribune's article here!

Grades 5-8, 9-12 Winner
"The Hope Center-Fremont Shed Project" - The Hope Center-Fremont

Fremont's Hope Center kids are building a shed for the center in order to free up more space for the students and for the classes!

Read more about the Hope Center's Shed Project here!

Grades 5-8, 9-12 Winner
"Eco-Agents for the Better Community" - Giorgi Orkodashvili

Giorgi is creating clubs in both Fremont and Cedar Bluffs schools in order to focus on environmental issues. Problems and topics that will be addressed include up-cycling (an alternative to recycling), general waste management, energy efficiency, and many others!

Grades 9-12 Winner
"Cancer Patients Tie-Blankets" - Ashley Uhing & Logan View FCCLA

Ashley and the Logan View FCCLA Program are making fleece tie-blankets for cancer patients at Children's Hospital. The goal of the project is to add a little bit of color and decoration to the hospital rooms, while making the patients feel more at home!

Grades 9-12 Winner
"Serenity Garden" - Wisner-Pilger Student Council

Grace Steinmeyer and the Wisner-Pilger Student Council are planting a serenity garden in Pilger to give back to the community that's withstood so much in recent years and still done so much for its citizens!

Read more about Grace's "Serenity Garden" by clicking the link here.

Grades 9-12 Winner
"Fixer Upper: Fremont" - PresbyYOUTH Group

The PresbyYOUTH are partnering with Rebuilding Together to fix up home properties of single-parent families. The goal of this project is to allow the youth to put their faith into action while inspiring hope in the lives of the community and the families that they serve throughout the project!

Grades 9-12 Winner
"TIE-ing Our Community Together" - Archbishop Bergan Key Club

Archbishop Bergan's Key Club is looking to bring warmth and comfort to those in need. They will be making fleece tie blankets for people in the Fremont community in order to spread love, care, and - most importantly - warmth!

Grades 9-12 Winner
"Octopuses for Babies" - Kylie Schurz

Kylie, with the help of family and volunteers, is crocheting 300-400 octopuses to deliver to the Fremont Health Medical Center for newborn babies!