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Board of Directors

Engaged. Committed. Dedicated. Just a few words that describe the Fremont Area Community Foundation Board of Directors. They are true leaders and pathfinders for our community who commit their time, talents and resources to help provide strategic direction for our organization. These dynamic individuals are driven to ensure that the Fremont Area Community Foundation endures and achieves its mission to enhance quality of life in our area. Serving on at least one of 10 committees of the Foundation, our directors strengthen our work by lending their expertise and perspective to the work that we do. We are privileged to have their devotion and leadership. 

Front row: Adam Monke, Jennifer Bixby (President-Elect/Vice-President), Cheryl Lamme, Heidi Richmond, Carol Nielsen, Steve Swanson, Vanessa Brown 

Second row: Scott Jensen, Patti Beebe, Caryl Johannsen (Secretary-Treasurer), Casey Meyer, Bob Hillis (Past President), Barry Benson, Terry McClain (President), Koni Shallberg, Brad Holtorf, Mark Prince 

Not pictured: Sid Dillon Jr., Tanya Dillon, Jane Dugan, Joel Jelkin, Steve Navarrette*, Russ Peterson*, Tom Thomsen*, 


Several community volunteers also work with the Foundation as non-board committee members.

Grants Committee: Cathy Saeger, Mike Wiseman, Cindy Coffman, Toni Vering
Investment Committee: Martin Koopman, Ron Kortan
Scholarship Committee: Doug Moore, Doug Watson, Mark Williams, Todd Hansen, Chris Gaughen, Shelly Miller
Youth Philanthropy Contest Committee: Sheila Monke, Jerry Rinne, Nichole Ruzicka