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The Transportation Taskforce worked with the City of Fremont to bring this new transportation service to fruition.

Five area nonprofits were recently awarded grants totaling $100,700 during the Fremont Area Community Foundation’s third competitive grant cycle of 2023.

You've probably taught your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews lessons along the lines of "better to give than to receive." But how do you transition these lessons into more concrete instruction about charitable giving?

If you’re already dreading asking your clients to pull together their receipts and other documents for 2022 tax filings, this may be a good time to take proactive steps to avoid being in this same spot next year.

Charitable giving has always been an important subject of client discussions for attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors. What’s changed is that widespread coverage of both major charitable gifts and the ease of making online donations has prompted more of your clients to pay attention to philanthropy.

Qualified Charitable Distributions, or “QCDs,” are becoming a very popular financial and charitable planning tool. At the same time, QCDs are growing as the source of more and more confusion.

As if advisors didn’t have enough financial acronyms to explain to their clients—DAF, RMD, IPO and ETF come to mind—along comes NFT to stir the multi-letter madness further.