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Legacy Society

Individuals who share a concern about the on-going strength and well-being of the causes, projects, organizations and community they support during their lifetime oftentimes partner with the Fremont Area Community Foundation. They establish funds or support the general grant-making of the Foundation through bequests, insurance policies, trusts or other planned gifts—each gift designed to accomplish a specific charitable goal. These individuals are honored and celebrated as members of our Legacy Society.

Members of the Legacy Society

Anonymous Robert and Dian Hillis Art Peters*
Kathryn Anderson* Mildred Hindmarsh* Russ and Jennifer Peterson
Delores Bang* Don and Jan Hinds Richard and Janet Pineda
Marvin* and Marie* Bartling Audrey Hoegermeyer* Steve and Peg Pribnow
Rachel Bayer* Jim* and Nancy Hoshor Darrell* and Myrna Puls
Mary Bigelow* Marion Iversen* Ruth Register
J.J. and Jennifer Bixby Jessica Janssen Wolford Mike Reilly
Leona Blazek* Helen F. Jasa* Bill and Kathy Rhea
Gary and Denise Bolton Joel and Jan Jelkin Jerry Rinne
Pat and Judy Booth Elnora Jensen* Darlene Ritter*
Lloyd and Betty Brooks Carl W.* and Betty K.* Johnson Marilyn Rolf*
Wendell and Teresa Bruner Paul and Liz Johnson Duane Ruppert
Jack Bryant* William A. Johnson* Bill and Cathy Saeger
Elaine Cady* Jack and Betty Kavanaugh Darlene G. Saeger
Keith and Linda Chapman John L. Kavanaugh, Jr. John and Lori Sajevic
David and Cynthia Christensen John* and Audre'* Kerrigan Ronnie and Shelly Sandeen
Laura Clatanoff* Clarence* and Lois Kerschinske Elmer* and Elda* Sasse
Mary E. Cochrane* Mary Ellen Kissell* Lyle Saunders
Mike and Cindy Coffman Richard* and Joyce* Klebe J.D. Schiermeyer*
Kathryn Kay Daniel Raymond* and Sedona* Knapp Neil* and Bonnie Schilke
Charlie and Mary Lou Diers Rodney and Cyndy Koerber Gary* and Carol Schmidt
Kirk and Melissa Diers Ron and Karen Kortan Ray* and Mary Sendgraff
Sid and Hazel* Dillon Ron and Susie Kranz Barbara L. Sherlock*
Sid and Patty Dillon, Jr. Abe* and Beverlee Krasne Dave Simmons*
Don* and Mary K. Dolejs Duane and Helen Krause William Simms*
Bill and Jane Dugan Keith and Ann* Lallman John G. Spangler
Rupert* and Ruth* Dunklau Nicholas J. and Cheryl A. Lamme Lois I. Spurrier*
Ruth E. Dunklau* Lynn and Cindi Lamprecht Dorothy Stangel*
Jim* and Sherie Ebers John* and Shirley Larsen Charles* and Doris M. Steffen
Milton C.* and Lois* Ebers Wayne and Janet Larson Bernard H. Stumpe*
Elvera Eckdahl* Marcia Mickelsen LaVally* Leo* and Joanne Thietje
Jack and Judy Ekeler Sherry R. Leriger Tom and Sheryl Thomsen
Bill* and Elaine L. Emanuel Terry J. and Linda McClain Rachel Timme*
Sandi Frauen Alton* and Nadine* Merrick Robert L. Tookey*
Ruth Fredriksen* David and Kimberly Mitchell Chad Troester
Anna Furst* Kathleen Moll* Joe and Diana Twidwell
Margaret Furst* David and Sheila Monke Bill and Joan Vobejda
David and Kristine Gale William* and Helen* Monke Lester A. Walker*
Bruce* and Sylvia D. Gocken Henry Monnich* Tom and Carol* Waring
Charles and Marilyn Gordon Jim* and Maria* Moore Leah Weber*
Mamie Grohn* Elizabeth Y. Mulliken* Marv* and Jean* Welstead
Mike and Janice Guilliatt June Mussack* Steve and Patricia Wendt
Allan and Julia Hale Gaylord and Vali Mussman Ethel Whalen*
Bertha E. Hansen* Steve and Julie Navarrette Mary Ellen Wieland*
Rev. Robert* and Janice M. Hansen Nick Neff* Dan and Kathy Wiesen
Si Harbottle Perry* and Eileen Nelson Dick* and Marty Wikert
Gerry and Lynette Harnisch Evelyn Nichols* James and Carolyn Windeshausen
David G. Hartmann Leonard C. Nielsen* Bob and Janice Wobken
Greg and Mary Haskins Loren C. Nothwehr Tom and Deanna Wolf
Merle Hasson* Dale and Fern* Olson Phil and Michelle Wood
Bud* and Marj* Hendriksen Lee Paden Larry and Marianne* Yost
Richard L. and Paula K. Hendriksen Mervin and Gail Peck