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Legacy Society

Individuals who share a concern about the on-going strength and well-being of the causes, projects, organizations and community they support during their lifetime oftentimes partner with the Fremont Area Community Foundation. They establish funds or support the general grant-making of the Foundation through bequests, insurance policies, trusts or other planned gifts—each gift designed to accomplish a specific charitable goal. These individuals are honored and celebrated as members of our Legacy Society.

Members of the Legacy Society

Anonymous Richard L. and Paula K. Hendriksen Art Peters*
Kathryn Anderson* Robert and Dian Hillis Russ and Jennifer Peterson
Milo and Cheri Anderson Mildred Hindmarsh* Richard and Janet Pineda
Delores Bang* Don* and Jan* Hinds Steve and Peg Pribnow
Marvin* and Marie* Bartling Audrey Hoegermeyer* Darrell* and Myrna Puls
Rachel Bayer* Jim* and Nancy Hoshor Ruth Register
Mary Bigelow* Marion Iversen* Mike Reilly
J.J. and Jennifer Bixby Jessica Janssen Wolford Bill and Kathy Rhea
Leona Blazek* Helen F. Jasa* Jerry Rinne
Gary and Denise Bolton Joel and Jan Jelkin Darlene Ritter*
Pat and Judy Booth Elnora Jensen* Marilyn Rolf*
Lloyd and Betty Brooks Carl W.* and Betty K.* Johnson Duane Ruppert
Wendell* and Teresa* Bruner Paul and Liz Johnson Bill and Cathy Saeger
Jack Bryant* William A. Johnson* Darlene G. Saeger*
Elaine Cady* Jack and Betty* Kavanaugh John and Lori Sajevic
Gary and Sharon Carlson John L. Kavanaugh, Jr. Ronnie and Shelly Sandeen
Keith* and Linda Chapman John* and Audre'* Kerrigan Elmer* and Elda* Sasse
David and Cynthia Christensen Clarence* and Lois Kerschinske Lyle Saunders
Laura Clatanoff* Mary Ellen Kissell* J.D. Schiermeyer*
Mary E. Cochrane* Richard* and Joyce* Klebe Neil* and Bonnie* Schilke
Mike and Cindy Coffman Raymond* and Sedona* Knapp Gary* and Carol Schmidt
Kathryn Kay Daniel Rodney and Cyndy Koerber Ray* and Mary Sendgraff
Charlie and Mary Lou Diers Ron and Karen Kortan Les and Koni Shallberg
Kirk and Melissa Diers Ron and Susie Kranz Barbara L. Sherlock*
Blake and Tanya Dillon Abe* and Beverlee Krasne Dave Simmons*
Sid and Hazel* Dillon Duane and Helen Krause William Simms*
Sid and Patty Dillon, Jr. Keith and Ann* Lallman John G. Spangler
Don* and Mary K. Dolejs Nicholas J. and Cheryl A. Lamme Lois I. Spurrier*
Bill and Jane Dugan Lynn and Cindi Lamprecht Dorothy Stangel*
Rupert* and Ruth* Dunklau John* and Shirley Larsen Mike Steen
Ruth E. Dunklau* Wayne and Janet* Larson Charles* and Doris* M. Steffen
Jim* and Sherie Ebers Marcia Mickelsen LaVally* Bernard H. Stumpe*
Milton C.* and Lois* Ebers Sherry R. Leriger Leo* and Joanne Thietje
Elvera Eckdahl* Terry J. and Linda McClain Tom and Sheryl Thomsen
Jack and Judy Ekeler Alton* and Nadine* Merrick Rachel Timme*
Bill* and Elaine L. Emanuel David and Kimberly Mitchell Robert L. Tookey*
Sandi Frauen Kathleen Moll* Chad Troester
Ruth Fredriksen* David and Sheila Monke Joe and Diana Twidwell
Anna Furst* William* and Helen* Monke Bill and Joan Vobejda
Margaret Furst* Henry Monnich* Lester A. Walker*
David and Kristine Gale Jim* and Maria* Moore Tom and Carol* Waring
Bruce* and Sylvia D. Gocken Elizabeth Y. Mulliken* Leah Weber*
Charles* and Marilyn Gordon June Mussack* Marv* and Jean* Welstead
Mamie Grohn* Gaylord and Vali Mussman Steve and Patricia Wendt
Mike and Janice Guilliatt Steve and Julie Navarrette Ethel Whalen*
Allan and Julia Hale Nick Neff* Mary Ellen Wieland*
Bertha E. Hansen* Perry* and Eileen Nelson Dan and Kathy Wiesen
Rev. Robert* and Janice* M. Hansen Evelyn Nichols* Dick* and Marty Wikert
Si Harbottle Leonard C. Nielsen* James and Carolyn Windeshausen
Gerry and Lynette Harnisch Robert and Carol Nielsen Bob and Janice Wobken
David G. Hartmann Loren C. Nothwehr Tom and Deanna Wolf
Greg and Mary Haskins Dale and Fern* Olson Phil and Michelle Wood
Merle Hasson* Lee Paden Larry and Marianne* Yost
Bud* and Marj* Hendriksen Mervin and Gail Peck